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2003 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 4338
Vines T, Kohler SC, Thiel M, et al. On the maintenance of reproductive isolation in a mosaic hybrid zone between the toads Bombina bombina and B. variegata. Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution. 2003;57(8):1876-1888. doi:10.1111/j.0014-3820.2003.tb00595.x
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2003 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 4348
Huelsenbeck J, Nielsen R, Bollback JP. Stochastic mapping of morphological characters. Systematic Biology. 2003;52(2):131-158. doi:10.1080/10635150390192780
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2003 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 4350
Harshman J, Huddleston C, Bollback JP, Parsons T, Braun M. True and false gharials: A nuclear gene phylogeny of crocodylia. Systematic Biology. 2003;52(3):386-402. doi:10.1080/10635150390197028
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2003 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 4460
Henzinger TA, Kupferman O, Qadeer S. From pre-historic to post-modern symbolic model checking. Formal Methods in System Design. 2003;23(3):303-327. doi:10.1023/A:1026228213080
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2003 | Conference Paper | IST-REx-ID: 4462
Henzinger TA, Jhala R, Majumdar R. Counterexample-guided control. In: Vol 2719. Springer; 2003:886-902. doi:10.1007/3-540-45061-0_69
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