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2022 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 10604 View | DOI

2021 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 9252 | OA
Polygenic local adaptation in metapopulations: A stochastic eco‐evolutionary model
E. Szep, H. Sachdeva, N.H. Barton, Evolution 75 (2021) 1030–1045.
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2021 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 9374 | OA
Homage to Felsenstein 1981, or why are there so few/many species?
R.K. Butlin, M.R. Servedio, C.M. Smadja, C. Bank, N.H. Barton, S.M. Flaxman, T. Giraud, R. Hopkins, E.L. Larson, M.E. Maan, J. Meier, R. Merrill, M.A.F. Noor, D. Ortiz‐Barrientos, A. Qvarnström, Evolution 75 (2021) 978–988.
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2021 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 10568 | OA
Pipefish locally adapted to low salinity in the Baltic Sea retain phenotypic plasticity to cope with ancestral salinity levels
H. Goehlich, L. Sartoris, K.-S. Wagner, C.C. Wendling, O. Roth, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9 (2021).
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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 8402 | OA
The mitochondrial carrier pathway transports non-canonical substrates with an odd number of transmembrane segments
H. Rampelt, I. Sucec, B. Bersch, P. Horten, I. Perschil, J.-C. Martinou, M. van der Laan, N. Wiedemann, P. Schanda, N. Pfanner, BMC Biology 18 (2020).
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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 8767 | OA
The Moran process on 2-chromatic graphs
K. Kaveh, A. McAvoy, K. Chatterjee, M.A. Nowak, PLOS Computational Biology 16 (2020).
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