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2022 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 9955
Reyes‐Pinto R, Ferrán JL, Vega Zuniga TA, et al. Change in the neurochemical signature and morphological development of the parvocellular isthmic projection to the avian tectum. Journal of Comparative Neurology. 2022;530(2):553-573. doi:10.1002/cne.25229
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2022 | Book (Editor) | IST-REx-ID: 11429
Karimipour F, Storandt S, eds. Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems. Vol 13238. 1st ed. Cham: Springer Nature; 2022. doi:10.1007/978-3-031-06245-2
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2022 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 10182
Vercellino I, Sazanov LA. The assembly, regulation and function of the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology. 2022;23:141–161. doi:10.1038/s41580-021-00415-0
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2022 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 10208
Goudarzi S, Sharif M, Karimipour F. A context-aware dimension reduction framework for trajectory and health signal analyses. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing. 2022;13:2621–2635. doi:10.1007/s12652-021-03569-z
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2022 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 10413
Dikranjan D, Giordano Bruno A, Künzi HP, Zava N, Toller D. Generalized quasi-metric semilattices. Topology and its Applications. 2022;309. doi:10.1016/j.topol.2021.107916
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2022 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 10587
Balazs D, Erkan ND, Quien M, Hanrath T. Inkjet printing of epitaxially connected nanocrystal superlattices. Nano Research. 2022;15(5):4536–4543. doi:10.1007/s12274-021-4022-7
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2022 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 11417 | OA
Sigillito AJ, Covey JP, Fink JM, Petersson K, Preble S. Emerging qubit systems: Guest editorial. Applied Physics Letters. 2022;120(19). doi:10.1063/5.0097339
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2022 | Conference Paper | IST-REx-ID: 11428 | OA
Chambers E, Fillmore CD, Stephenson ER, Wintraecken M. A cautionary tale: Burning the medial axis is unstable. In: Goaoc X, Kerber M, eds. 38th International Symposium on Computational Geometry. Vol 224. LIPIcs. Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik; 2022:66:1-66:9. doi:10.4230/LIPIcs.SoCG.2022.66
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2022 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 10922 | OA
Liu Z, Hu J, Xu H, et al. Worst-case rigidity analysis and optimization for assemblies with mechanical joints. Computer Graphics Forum. 2022;41(2):507-519. doi:10.1111/cgf.14490
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2022 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 11432 | OA
Schreck C, Wojtan C. Coupling 3D liquid simulation with 2D wave propagation for large scale water surface animation using the equivalent sources method. Computer Graphics Forum. 2022;41(2):343-353. doi:10.1111/cgf.14478
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