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M. Maslov, F. Kondrashov, C. Artner, M. Hennessey-Wesen, B. Kavcic, N.N. Machnik, R.K. Satapathy, I. Tomanek, Core Project Proceedings, IST Austria, 2020.

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The main idea behind the Core Project is to teach first year students at IST scientific communication skills and let them practice by presenting their research within an interdisciplinary environment. Over the course of the first semester, students participated in seminars, where they shared their results with the colleagues from other fields and took part in discussions on relevant subjects. The main focus during this sessions was on delivering the information in a simplified and comprehensible way, going into the very basics of a subject if necessary. At the end, the students were asked to present their research in the written form to exercise their writing skills. The reports were gathered in this document. All of them were reviewed by the teaching assistants and write-ups illustrating unique stylistic features and, in general, an outstanding level of writing skills, were honorably mentioned in the section "Selected Reports".
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Maslov M, Kondrashov F, Artner C, et al. Core Project Proceedings. IST Austria; 2020.
Maslov, M., Kondrashov, F., Artner, C., Hennessey-Wesen, M., Kavcic, B., Machnik, N. N., … Tomanek, I. (2020). Core Project Proceedings. IST Austria.
Maslov, Mikhail, Fyodor Kondrashov, Christina Artner, Mike Hennessey-Wesen, Bor Kavcic, Nick N Machnik, Roshan K Satapathy, and Isabella Tomanek. Core Project Proceedings. IST Austria, 2020.
M. Maslov et al., Core Project Proceedings. IST Austria, 2020.
Maslov M, Kondrashov F, Artner C, Hennessey-Wesen M, Kavcic B, Machnik NN, Satapathy RK, Tomanek I. 2020. Core Project Proceedings, IST Austria, 425p.
Maslov, Mikhail, et al. Core Project Proceedings. IST Austria, 2020.
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