Combinatorial synthesis of genetic networks

C.C. Guet, M. Elowitz, W. Hsing, S. Leibler, Science 296 (2002) 1466–1470.

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Guet, Calin CIST Austria ; Elowitz,Michael B.; Hsing,Weihong; Leibler, Stanislas
A central problem in biology is determining how genes interact as parts of functional networks. Creation and analysis of synthetic networks, composed of well-characterized genetic elements, provide a framework for theoretical modeling. Here, with the use of a combinatorial method, a library of networks with varying connectivity was generated in Escherichia coli. These networks were composed of genes encoding the transcriptional regulators Lacl, TetR, and lambda Cl, as well as the corresponding promoters. They displayed phenotypic behaviors resembling binary logical circuits, with two chemical “inputs” and a fluorescent protein “output.” Within this simple system, diverse computational functions arose through changes in network connectivity. Combinatorial synthesis provides an alternative approach for studying biological networks, as well as an efficient method for producing diverse phenotypes in vivo.
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1466 - 1470

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Guet CC, Elowitz M, Hsing W, Leibler S. Combinatorial synthesis of genetic networks. Science. 2002;296(5572):1466-1470. doi:10.1126/science.1067407
Guet, C. C., Elowitz, M., Hsing, W., & Leibler, S. (2002). Combinatorial synthesis of genetic networks. Science, 296(5572), 1466–1470.
Guet, Calin C, Michael Elowitz, Weihong Hsing, and Stanislas Leibler. “Combinatorial Synthesis of Genetic Networks.” Science 296, no. 5572 (2002): 1466–70.
C. C. Guet, M. Elowitz, W. Hsing, and S. Leibler, “Combinatorial synthesis of genetic networks,” Science, vol. 296, no. 5572, pp. 1466–1470, 2002.
Guet CC, Elowitz M, Hsing W, Leibler S. 2002. Combinatorial synthesis of genetic networks. Science. 296(5572), 1466–1470.
Guet, Calin C., et al. “Combinatorial Synthesis of Genetic Networks.” Science, vol. 296, no. 5572, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2002, pp. 1466–70, doi:10.1126/science.1067407.

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