Compound copper chalcogenide nanocrystals

Coughlan C, Ibáñez M, Dobrozhan O, Singh A, Cabot A, Ryan K. 2017. Compound copper chalcogenide nanocrystals. Chemical Reviews. 117(9), 5865–6109.

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Coughlan, Claudia; Ibáñez , MariaIST Austria ; Dobrozhan, Oleksandr; Singh, Ajay; Cabot, Andreu; Ryan, Kevin
This review captures the synthesis, assembly, properties, and applications of copper chalcogenide NCs, which have achieved significant research interest in the last decade due to their compositional and structural versatility. The outstanding functional properties of these materials stems from the relationship between their band structure and defect concentration, including charge carrier concentration and electronic conductivity character, which consequently affects their optoelectronic, optical, and plasmonic properties. This, combined with several metastable crystal phases and stoichiometries and the low energy of formation of defects, makes the reproducible synthesis of these materials, with tunable parameters, remarkable. Further to this, the review captures the progress of the hierarchical assembly of these NCs, which bridges the link between their discrete and collective properties. Their ubiquitous application set has cross-cut energy conversion (photovoltaics, photocatalysis, thermoelectrics), energy storage (lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen generation), emissive materials (plasmonics, LEDs, biolabelling), sensors (electrochemical, biochemical), biomedical devices (magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray computer tomography), and medical therapies (photochemothermal therapies, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, and drug delivery). The confluence of advances in the synthesis, assembly, and application of these NCs in the past decade has the potential to significantly impact society, both economically and environmentally.
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Chemical Reviews
C.C. and K.M.R. gratefully acknowledge support from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under the Principal Investigator Program under Contract No. 11PI-1148. This work was conducted under the framework of the Irish Government’s Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions Cycle 5, National Development Plan 2007−2013 with the assistance of the European Regional Development Fund. A.S. gratefully acknowledges Director’s Postdoctoral Fellowship support from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. M.I., O.D., and A.C. gratefully acknowledge support from the European Regional Development Funds and the Spanish MINECO Project BOOSTER (ENE2013-46624-C4-3-R). M.I. and O.D. thank AGAUR for their Beatriu de Pinós postdoctoral grant (2013 BP-A00344) and Ph.D. grant (2015 FI-B00810, 2016 FI-B100067), respectively.
5865 - 6109

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Coughlan C, Ibáñez M, Dobrozhan O, Singh A, Cabot A, Ryan K. Compound copper chalcogenide nanocrystals. Chemical Reviews. 2017;117(9):5865-6109. doi:10.1021/acs.chemrev.6b00376
Coughlan, C., Ibáñez, M., Dobrozhan, O., Singh, A., Cabot, A., & Ryan, K. (2017). Compound copper chalcogenide nanocrystals. Chemical Reviews. American Chemical Society.
Coughlan, Claudia, Maria Ibáñez, Oleksandr Dobrozhan, Ajay Singh, Andreu Cabot, and Kevin Ryan. “Compound Copper Chalcogenide Nanocrystals.” Chemical Reviews. American Chemical Society, 2017.
C. Coughlan, M. Ibáñez, O. Dobrozhan, A. Singh, A. Cabot, and K. Ryan, “Compound copper chalcogenide nanocrystals,” Chemical Reviews, vol. 117, no. 9. American Chemical Society, pp. 5865–6109, 2017.
Coughlan C, Ibáñez M, Dobrozhan O, Singh A, Cabot A, Ryan K. 2017. Compound copper chalcogenide nanocrystals. Chemical Reviews. 117(9), 5865–6109.
Coughlan, Claudia, et al. “Compound Copper Chalcogenide Nanocrystals.” Chemical Reviews, vol. 117, no. 9, American Chemical Society, 2017, pp. 5865–6109, doi:10.1021/acs.chemrev.6b00376.


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