Controllable-choice message sequence graphs

M. Chmelik, V. Řehák, 7721 (2013) 118–130.

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Chmelik, MartinIST Austria; Řehák, Vojtěch
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We focus on the realizability problem of Message Sequence Graphs (MSG), i.e. the problem whether a given MSG specification is correctly distributable among parallel components communicating via messages. This fundamental problem of MSG is known to be undecidable. We introduce a well motivated restricted class of MSG, so called controllable-choice MSG, and show that all its models are realizable and moreover it is decidable whether a given MSG model is a member of this class. In more detail, this class of MSG specifications admits a deadlock-free realization by overloading existing messages with additional bounded control data. We also show that the presented class is the largest known subclass of MSG that allows for deadlock-free realization.
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118 - 130
MEMICS: Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science
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Znojmo, Czech Republic
Conference Date
2012-10-25 – 2012-10-28

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Chmelik M, Řehák V. Controllable-choice message sequence graphs. 2013;7721:118-130. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-36046-6_12
Chmelik, M., & Řehák, V. (2013). Controllable-choice message sequence graphs. Presented at the MEMICS: Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science, Znojmo, Czech Republic: Springer.
Chmelik, Martin, and Vojtěch Řehák. “Controllable-Choice Message Sequence Graphs.” Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, 2013.
M. Chmelik and V. Řehák, “Controllable-choice message sequence graphs,” vol. 7721. Springer, pp. 118–130, 2013.
Chmelik M, Řehák V. 2013. Controllable-choice message sequence graphs. 7721, 118–130.
Chmelik, Martin, and Vojtěch Řehák. Controllable-Choice Message Sequence Graphs. Vol. 7721, Springer, 2013, pp. 118–30, doi:10.1007/978-3-642-36046-6_12.
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