How to fake auxiliary input

D. Jetchev, K.Z. Pietrzak, in:, Y. Lindell (Ed.), Springer, 2014, pp. 566–590.

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Lindell, Yehuda
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Consider a joint distribution (X,A) on a set. We show that for any family of distinguishers, there exists a simulator such that 1 no function in can distinguish (X,A) from (X,h(X)) with advantage ε, 2 h is only O(2 3ℓ ε -2) times less efficient than the functions in. For the most interesting settings of the parameters (in particular, the cryptographic case where X has superlogarithmic min-entropy, ε > 0 is negligible and consists of circuits of polynomial size), we can make the simulator h deterministic. As an illustrative application of our theorem, we give a new security proof for the leakage-resilient stream-cipher from Eurocrypt'09. Our proof is simpler and quantitatively much better than the original proof using the dense model theorem, giving meaningful security guarantees if instantiated with a standard blockcipher like AES. Subsequent to this work, Chung, Lui and Pass gave an interactive variant of our main theorem, and used it to investigate weak notions of Zero-Knowledge. Vadhan and Zheng give a more constructive version of our theorem using their new uniform min-max theorem.
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566 - 590
TCC: Theory of Cryptography Conference
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San Diego, USA
Conference Date
2014-02-24 – 2014-02-26

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Jetchev D, Pietrzak KZ. How to fake auxiliary input. In: Lindell Y, ed. Vol 8349. Springer; 2014:566-590. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-54242-8_24
Jetchev, D., & Pietrzak, K. Z. (2014). How to fake auxiliary input. In Y. Lindell (Ed.) (Vol. 8349, pp. 566–590). Presented at the TCC: Theory of Cryptography Conference, San Diego, USA: Springer.
Jetchev, Dimitar, and Krzysztof Z Pietrzak. “How to Fake Auxiliary Input.” edited by Yehuda Lindell, 8349:566–90. Springer, 2014.
D. Jetchev and K. Z. Pietrzak, “How to fake auxiliary input,” presented at the TCC: Theory of Cryptography Conference, San Diego, USA, 2014, vol. 8349, pp. 566–590.
Jetchev D, Pietrzak KZ. 2014. How to fake auxiliary input. TCC: Theory of Cryptography Conference, LNCS, vol. 8349, 566–590.
Jetchev, Dimitar, and Krzysztof Z. Pietrzak. How to Fake Auxiliary Input. Edited by Yehuda Lindell, vol. 8349, Springer, 2014, pp. 566–90, doi:10.1007/978-3-642-54242-8_24.
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