Cost-aware automatic program repair

R. Samanta, O. Olivo, E. Allen, in:, M. Müller-Olm, H. Seidl (Eds.), Springer, 2014, pp. 268–284.

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Samanta, RoopshaIST Austria; Olivo, Oswaldo; Allen, Emerson
Müller-Olm, Markus; Seidl, Helmut
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We present a formal framework for repairing infinite-state, imperative, sequential programs, with (possibly recursive) procedures and multiple assertions; the framework can generate repaired programs by modifying the original erroneous program in multiple program locations, and can ensure the readability of the repaired program using user-defined expression templates; the framework also generates a set of inductive assertions that serve as a proof of correctness of the repaired program. As a step toward integrating programmer intent and intuition in automated program repair, we present a cost-aware formulation - given a cost function associated with permissible statement modifications, the goal is to ensure that the total program modification cost does not exceed a given repair budget. As part of our predicate abstractionbased solution framework, we present a sound and complete algorithm for repair of Boolean programs. We have developed a prototype tool based on SMT solving and used it successfully to repair diverse errors in benchmark C programs.
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268 - 284
SAS: Static Analysis Symposium
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Munich, Germany
Conference Date
2014-09-11 – 2014-09-14

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Samanta R, Olivo O, Allen E. Cost-aware automatic program repair. In: Müller-Olm M, Seidl H, eds. Vol 8723. Springer; 2014:268-284. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-10936-7_17
Samanta, R., Olivo, O., & Allen, E. (2014). Cost-aware automatic program repair. In M. Müller-Olm & H. Seidl (Eds.) (Vol. 8723, pp. 268–284). Presented at the SAS: Static Analysis Symposium, Munich, Germany: Springer.
Samanta, Roopsha, Oswaldo Olivo, and Emerson Allen. “Cost-Aware Automatic Program Repair.” edited by Markus Müller-Olm and Helmut Seidl, 8723:268–84. Springer, 2014.
R. Samanta, O. Olivo, and E. Allen, “Cost-aware automatic program repair,” presented at the SAS: Static Analysis Symposium, Munich, Germany, 2014, vol. 8723, pp. 268–284.
Samanta R, Olivo O, Allen E. 2014. Cost-aware automatic program repair. SAS: Static Analysis Symposium, LNCS, vol. 8723, 268–284.
Samanta, Roopsha, et al. Cost-Aware Automatic Program Repair. Edited by Markus Müller-Olm and Helmut Seidl, vol. 8723, Springer, 2014, pp. 268–84, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-10936-7_17.
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