Runtime verification for hybrid analysis tools

L. Nguyen, C. Schilling, S. Bogomolov, T. Johnson, 9333 (2015) 281–286.

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Nguyen, Luan; Schilling, Christian; Bogomolov, SergiyIST Austria ; Johnson, Taylor
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In this paper, we present the first steps toward a runtime verification framework for monitoring hybrid and cyber-physical systems (CPS) development tools based on randomized differential testing. The development tools include hybrid systems reachability analysis tools, model-based development environments like Simulink/Stateflow (SLSF), etc. First, hybrid automaton models are randomly generated. Next, these hybrid automaton models are translated to a number of different tools (currently, SpaceEx, dReach, Flow*, HyCreate, and the MathWorks’ Simulink/Stateflow) using the HyST source transformation and translation tool. Then, the hybrid automaton models are executed in the different tools and their outputs are parsed. The final step is the differential comparison: the outputs of the different tools are compared. If the results do not agree (in the sense that an analysis or verification result from one tool does not match that of another tool, ignoring timeouts, etc.), a candidate bug is flagged and the model is saved for future analysis by the user. The process then repeats and the monitoring continues until the user terminates the process. We present preliminary results that have been useful in identifying a few bugs in the analysis methods of different development tools, and in an earlier version of HyST.
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281 - 286
RV: Runtime Verification
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Vienna, Austria
Conference Date
2015-09-22 – 2015-09-25

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Nguyen L, Schilling C, Bogomolov S, Johnson T. Runtime verification for hybrid analysis tools. 2015;9333:281-286. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-23820-3_19
Nguyen, L., Schilling, C., Bogomolov, S., & Johnson, T. (2015). Runtime verification for hybrid analysis tools. Presented at the RV: Runtime Verification, Vienna, Austria: Springer.
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L. Nguyen, C. Schilling, S. Bogomolov, and T. Johnson, “Runtime verification for hybrid analysis tools,” vol. 9333. Springer, pp. 281–286, 2015.
Nguyen L, Schilling C, Bogomolov S, Johnson T. 2015. Runtime verification for hybrid analysis tools. 9333, 281–286.
Nguyen, Luan, et al. Runtime Verification for Hybrid Analysis Tools. Vol. 9333, Springer, 2015, pp. 281–86, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-23820-3_19.


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