The Hanoi omega-automata format

T. Babiak, F. Blahoudek, A. Duret Lutz, J. Klein, J. Kretinsky, D. Mueller, D. Parker, J. Strejček, in:, Springer, 2015, pp. 479–486.

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Babiak, Tomáš; Blahoudek, František; Duret Lutz, Alexandre; Klein, Joachim; Kretinsky, JanIST Austria ; Mueller, Daniel; Parker, David; Strejček, Jan
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We propose a flexible exchange format for ω-automata, as typically used in formal verification, and implement support for it in a range of established tools. Our aim is to simplify the interaction of tools, helping the research community to build upon other people’s work. A key feature of the format is the use of very generic acceptance conditions, specified by Boolean combinations of acceptance primitives, rather than being limited to common cases such as Büchi, Streett, or Rabin. Such flexibility in the choice of acceptance conditions can be exploited in applications, for example in probabilistic model checking, and furthermore encourages the development of acceptance-agnostic tools for automata manipulations. The format allows acceptance conditions that are either state-based or transition-based, and also supports alternating automata.
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479 - 486
CAV: Computer Aided Verification
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San Francisco, CA, United States
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2015-07-18 – 2015-07-24

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Babiak T, Blahoudek F, Duret Lutz A, et al. The Hanoi omega-automata format. In: Vol 9206. Springer; 2015:479-486. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-21690-4_31
Babiak, T., Blahoudek, F., Duret Lutz, A., Klein, J., Kretinsky, J., Mueller, D., … Strejček, J. (2015). The Hanoi omega-automata format (Vol. 9206, pp. 479–486). Presented at the CAV: Computer Aided Verification, San Francisco, CA, United States: Springer.
Babiak, Tomáš, František Blahoudek, Alexandre Duret Lutz, Joachim Klein, Jan Kretinsky, Daniel Mueller, David Parker, and Jan Strejček. “The Hanoi Omega-Automata Format,” 9206:479–86. Springer, 2015.
T. Babiak et al., “The Hanoi omega-automata format,” presented at the CAV: Computer Aided Verification, San Francisco, CA, United States, 2015, vol. 9206, pp. 479–486.
Babiak T, Blahoudek F, Duret Lutz A, Klein J, Kretinsky J, Mueller D, Parker D, Strejček J. 2015. The Hanoi omega-automata format. CAV: Computer Aided Verification, LNCS, vol. 9206, 479–486.
Babiak, Tomáš, et al. The Hanoi Omega-Automata Format. Vol. 9206, Springer, 2015, pp. 479–86, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-21690-4_31.
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