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Random matrices, universality and disordered quantum systems (RANMAT)

2014-03-01 – 2019-08-31
"Large complex systems tend to develop universal patterns that often represent their essential characteristics. A pioneering vision of E. Wigner was that the distribution of the gaps between energy le...

Rate of Adaptation in Changing Environment (RACE)

2017-01-01 – 2020-06-29

Reconstitution of Bacterial Cell Division Using Purified Components

2017-09-01 – 2019-08-31

Reconstitution of bacterial cell wall sythesis

2016-06-01 – 2019-05-31

Reconstitution of cell polarity and axis determination in a cell-free system

2016-10-01 – 2019-09-30

Reglas de Conectividad funcional en el hipocampo

2017-10-01 – 2018-02-28

Relevance of phage transduction in transfer and persistence of antibiotic resistance in the medical environment

Revealing the functional mechanism of Mrp antiporter, an ancestor of complex I

2017-08-01 – 2020-07-31

Revealing the fundamental limits of cell growth

2013-09-01 – 2016-07-31

Revealing the mechanisms underlying drug interactions

2015-01-01 – 2017-09-30

Rigorous Systems Engineering (RISE)

2011-03-01 – 2015-02-28
Over the past decades, the complexity and size as well as the ubiquity and criticality of computer systems have increased dramatically. They are now at a level where human engineers and programmers re...

Rigorous Systems Engineering (DO NOT USE) (RISE)

2011-03-01 – 2015-02-28

RNA-directed DNA methylation in plant development

2017-07-01 – 2020-06-30

Robust invariants of Nonlinear Systems

2016-02-01 – 2018-01-31

Role of chromatin organizer SATB2 in gastrulation in Danio rerio

2015-06-01 – 2017-05-31

Role of Eed in neural stem cell lineage progression

2018-12-01 – 2021-11-30

Role of the WAVE-complex in the haematopoietic System

2010-11-01 – 2013-10-31

Role of the WAVE-complex in the haematopoietic System

2013-11-01 – 2016-10-31

ROOTS Genome-wide Analysis of Root Traits

2010-09-01 – 2012-08-31