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Quantitative Analysis of Probablistic Systems with a focus on Crypto-currencies

2019-06-01 – 2021-11-30

Quantitative Game-theoretic Analysis of Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts

2018-09-01 – 2019-05-31

Quantitative Graph Games: Theory and Applications (GraphGames)

2011-12-01 – 2016-11-30
The theory of games played on graphs provides the mathematical foundations to study numerous important problems in branches of mathematics, economics, computer science, biology, and other fields. One ...

Quantitative Reactive Modeling (QUAREM)

2011-05-01 – 2016-04-30

Quantitative Structure-Function Analysis of Cerebral Cortex Assembly at Clonal Level

2014-09-01 – 2017-12-31

Quantitative understanding of a cellautonomous component in chemotaxis

2017-07-01 – 2019-06-30

Quantum rotations in the presence of a many-body environment

2017-02-01 – 2020-01-31