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2021 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 9953
Picard, K., Bisht, K., Poggini, S., Garofalo, S., Golia, M. T., Basilico, B., … Tremblay, M. È. (2021). Microglial-glucocorticoid receptor depletion alters the response of hippocampal microglia and neurons in a chronic unpredictable mild stress paradigm in female mice. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. Elsevier.
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2021 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 10281 | OA
Vasic, V., Jones, M. S. O., Haslinger, D., Knaus, L., Schmeisser, M. J., Novarino, G., & Chiocchetti, A. G. (2021). Translating the role of mtor-and ras-associated signalopathies in autism spectrum disorder: Models, mechanisms and treatment. Genes. MDPI.
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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 7877 | OA
Parenti I, Diab F, Gil SR, Mulugeta E, Casa V, Berutti R, Brouwer RWW, Dupé V, Eckhold J, Graf E, Puisac B, Ramos F, Schwarzmayr T, Gines MM, Van Staveren T, Van Ijcken WFJ, Strom TM, Pié J, Watrin E, Kaiser FJ, Wendt KS. 2020. MAU2 and NIPBL variants impair the heterodimerization of the cohesin loader subunits and cause Cornelia de Lange syndrome. Cell Reports. 31(7), 107647.
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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 7957 | OA
Parenti, I., Garcia Rabaneda, L. E., Schön, H., & Novarino, G. (2020). Neurodevelopmental disorders: From genetics to functional pathways. Trends in Neurosciences. Elsevier.
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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 7149
Avagliano, L., Parenti, I., Grazioli, P., Di Fede, E., Parodi, C., Mariani, M., … Massa, V. (2020). Chromatinopathies: A focus on Cornelia de Lange syndrome. Clinical Genetics. Wiley.
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