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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 7350 | OA
Nibau, Candida, Marçal Gallemi, Despoina Dadarou, John H. Doonan, and Nicola Cavallari. “Thermo-Sensitive Alternative Splicing of FLOWERING LOCUS M Is Modulated by Cyclin-Dependent Kinase G2.” Frontiers in Plant Science 10 (2020).
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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 7427
Tan, Shutang, Melinda F Abas, Inge Verstraeten, Matous Glanc, Gergely Molnar, Jakub Hajny, Pavel Lasák, et al. “Salicylic Acid Targets Protein Phosphatase 2A to Attenuate Growth in Plants.” Current Biology 30, no. 3 (n.d.): 381–395.e8.
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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 7805
Hurny, Andrej, Candela Cuesta, Nicola Cavallari, Krisztina Ötvös, Jerome Duclercq, Ladislav Dokládal, Juan C Montesinos López, et al. “Synergistic on Auxin and Cytokinin 1 Positively Regulates Growth and Attenuates Soil Pathogen Resistance.” Nature Communications 11 (2020): 2170.
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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 7948 | OA
Maghiaoui, A, E Bouguyon, Candela Cuesta, F Perrine-Walker, C Alcon, G Krouk, Eva Benková, P Nacry, A Gojon, and L Bach. “The Arabidopsis NRT1.1 Transceptor Coordinately Controls Auxin Biosynthesis and Transport to Regulate Root Branching in Response to Nitrate.” Journal of Experimental Botany, n.d., eraa242.
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2020 | Journal Article | IST-REx-ID: 8002 | OA
Hörmayer, Lukas, Juan C Montesinos López, Petra Marhavá, Eva Benková, Saiko Yoshida, and Jiří Friml. “Wounding-Induced Changes in Cellular Pressure and Localized Auxin Signalling Spatially Coordinate Restorative Divisions in Roots.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117, no. 26 (2020).
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